Why We Support Open Source Projects

Why We Support Open Source Projects

Everyone Uses Open Source (Including Us)

Virtually everyone building technology today is using open source code in one way or another. In the UK for example, over 89% of companies recently declared that they are using open source projects in some form.

Here at Livecycle, we’re using some great open source tools ourselves such as Chakra.ui (https://chakra-ui.com/). Chakra lets us use popular components with our design system and it saves our developers from needing to reinvent the wheel and build these components from scratch. Our team loves using Chakra-UI because of how easily it lets us customize and create themes, great documentation, and because of how well it works with TypeScript. From a technical perspective, it’s a perfect example of the importance of OSS.

Why we support the projects we use

But the proliferation of open source usage introduces an industry-wide paradox. Companies around the globe are using these tools - DBs, operating systems, or some other open source repository - to build businesses and generate revenue. And the use of these core open source components is done for free, with no strings attached whatsoever.

As we set out to build our own technology company, we gave this paradox some serious thought. If we are using an open-source project and relying heavily on it to build our platform, why not help them out? Especially if the project in question is not backed by a large corporation or organization.

To us it just made sense.

And so, we’ve decided that our company will support any open source project that brings us value day-to-day.

The way we see it, it’s a win-win arrangement. The project gets the support it deserves and the users can expect better quality, documentation, and support while using it, allowing their teams to move faster overall. And come on, which tech company doesn’t want to enable better team velocity :-).

Support the organizations that support you

Think of it from another angle.

Imagine you are able to support a non-profit organization that helps provide critical vaccinations to underprivileged communities around the globe. You might not have the capital on your own to move the needle, but rest assured that every penny counts.

Now, imagine that this organization isn’t a global entity, but a local one that is directly impacting your family, friends and community. Chances are you’d support the organization without thinking twice. Your ability to identify with the cause and to benefit directly from the value they bring to the table makes your contribution a no-brainer.

If you care about the product your building and the audience you’re building it for then the same logic should apply to supporting these open source projects.

You are supporting an organization that helps your product exist and brings value to your users.

We’re proud of our decision to give back to Chakra.ui and support the tools that support our products.

Not just financial support

For us, the financial support is just a starting point. Our plan is to give back technically as well, and not just to fork the code and use it for our benefit.

And we hope more people will do the same in some way or another. Because if there’s one thing that open source has taught us all, it’s that there’s a lot to be gained when we stop playing a zero-sum game. When everyone shares with the open source community - financially, technically or otherwise - the entire community wins.



January 23, 2022

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