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Get actionable feedback.
Not endless feedback loops.

Dev teams use Livecycle to gather data-rich, contextual feedback on any preview environment and eliminate their workflow friction

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Contextual feedback, on any preview environment

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How Livecycle works

Add collaboration tools to any preview environment

Livecycle adds collaboration tools to any PR/feature-branch preview environment, turning each environment into a collaborative playground.

Get actionable feedback, in context

By doing so, Livecycle enables teams to easily review changes and leave feedback, giving developers the data-rich context needed to address issues and move on.

  • Use any preview environment

    Use any preview environment

    Bring your own environments or let us host, build, & manage them for you. You can even set up self-hosted previews on your own servers. Add Livecycle to your workflow however makes sense for you

  • Invite collaborators

    Invite collaborators

    Livecycle manages the entire review and feedback workflow. Invite the relevant stakeholders, share the latest changes, and get clear, async feedback for every project

  • Get data-rich, contextual feedback

    Get data-rich, contextual feedback

    Using Livecycle, all review feedback includes the visual and technical context that developers need, directly in the preview environment

  • Merge code faster

    Merge code faster

    Livecycle lets developers quickly understand feedback and address it so they can merge changes and move on

  • Upgrade your DX

    Upgrade your DX

    Livecycle impacts developer experience with shorter feedback loops, fewer context switches, clearer reviews, and faster time to market

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Works with your other tools.

Livecycle’s workflow management supports integrations with popular SCM tools, communication apps and project management platforms

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It’s time to end the endless feedback loops.

With Livecycle, developers get the feedback they need in real time, throughout the development cycle, so they can capture problems earlier and correct them faster.

The old way

Seperate reviews. Zero coordination

The Livecycle way

A single collaborative, contextual review flow

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