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The way that teams review code is broken.

Typically, everyone sends review comments to the developers separately, at different stages of the workflow using a bunch of tools. Zero coordination. Not enough context. Tons of delays.

We do things differently.

We bring everyone together in a single, collaborative PR review. Developers get all review comments at one time and in context, increasing velocity and making teams happy.

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    By automatically creating live 'playgrounds' per-commit, Livecycle gives the team instant visibility to review specific changes, and lets you avoid staging-related bottlenecks and headaches

    Get PR Previews
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    Instead of waiting for each round of review, you invite relevant stakeholders directly to the playground as soon as it’s ready. So now, all those reviews happen at the same time

    Invite collaborators
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    With built-in annotation tools, the team leaves feedback contextually on top of the product UI. So you can finally stop sifting through vague feedback on multiple platforms.

    Inclusive contextual reviews
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    Since all review comments are also synced to Git, you understand and address everything the first time, before the PR is merged. This means fewer unnecessary context-switches and interruptions.

    Merge with confidence
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    Livecycle's workflow brings inclusive collaboration to your PR review so the team can release code faster, and move on confidently to whatever is next.

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Livecycle integrates with your SCM tools, communication apps and project management platforms so your workflows can actually 'work' and 'flow'

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It’s time to end the endless feedback loops.

Developers get the feedback they need in real time, throughout the development cycle, so they can capture problems earlier and correct them faster.

The old way

Seperate reviews. Zero coordination

The Livecycle way

A single collaborative, contextual review flow

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