New Feature: Feedback location pins

New Feature: Feedback location pins

Hey Livecyclers!

We’re introducing a new feature in Livecycle that we’re calling “Feedback location pins”.

Here’s how it works:

As you know, every Livecycle environment has built-in, no-code annotation tools that let everyone on the team leave feedback items for other relevant stakeholders.

All of the feedback items for the current PR are listed in the activity panel. But we also wanted to give you a quick way to jump from a specific feedback item to the exact location on the UI where the feedback item was left.

And that’s what where Feedback location pins comes in.

Every feedback item in the activity panel has a number badge. The corresponding badge also appears on the UI in the location where the feedback item was originally left. By clicking on a feedback item in the Activity panel, you’ll jump straight to that location on the UI, so you can review feedback quickly and with all the necessary context.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of the feature.




February 02, 2022

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