How to 10x Your Debugging Speed With Livecycle

How to 10x Your Debugging Speed With Livecycle

As an asynchronous collaboration platform for development teams, Livecycle relieves some of the most common pain points that developers face when building products together with the team.

We’re taking a look at some common use cases to illustrate how you can “10x with Livecycle” and use your PRs to dramatically improve your team’s communication, collaboration, productivity and overall happiness levels.

In this episode, we put on our developer glasses to see how Livecycle can increase debugging velocity by getting better feedback and analyzing root causes with a single click.

When you install Livecycle, every pull request automatically builds a shareable preview environment that gets pushed to the whole team.

These preview environments include built-in annotation tools, allowing everyone on the team to give product review feedback in the context of the PR itself.

The feedback is kept organized in Livecycle, and it’s also synced back to Github, appearing as comments that you can easily review.

When debugging an issue, Livecycle, gives you one-click access to live sandbox environments for every previous commit.

This allows you to quickly go back in time to reproduce the reported issue, regardless of the branch’s current state.

So instead of building and deploying previous versions of your code by hand, just use Livecycle to easily replicate ANY reported issue down to the granularity of a single commit and then quickly analyze the root cause.

And once you fix the issue with a new commit and PR, Livecycle notifies everyone who gave feedback that a new version available for review at the very same link.

These are just some of the ways that Livecycle can help the whole team code more, collaborate better and ship products faster, together.



March 31, 2022