How to 10x Your Bug Reporting Clarity Using Livecycle

How to 10x Your Bug Reporting Clarity Using Livecycle

As an asynchronous collaboration platform for development teams, Livecycle relieves some of the most common pain points that developers face when building products together with the team.

We’re taking a look at some common use cases to illustrate how you can “10x with Livecycle” and use your PRs to dramatically improve your team’s communication, collaboration, productivity and overall happiness levels.

In this episode, we put on our developer glasses to see how Livecycle can collect clearer bug reports from the QA team, tighten the feedback loop and reduce the number of PRs needed to get the next version out the door.

So let’s say I’m a developer.

I work on a feature, merge it and open a PR for review.

Soon, the QA team starts sending me bugs and other feedback on the latest version using a whole bunch of tools.

So I stop what I’m doing, meet, call, email, review and clarify all their feedback. I make the fixes, open a NEW Pull request and send it back to everyone for another round of approval.

Sound familiar??

The good news is that with Livecycle, we’ve made this process quicker and easier.

As soon as I open a pull request, Livecycle automatically builds a shareable preview environment. The link to the PR preview is pushed to everyone on the team, so that they can start reviewing the latest version with a single click.

Each Livecycle preview environment includes built-in annotation tools that allow the QA team to streamline issues clearly and with context to the PR itself.

For example, they use the screenshot tool to point out something specific, or use the video recording tool to record a particular sequence that they want me to see. And they can submit all of their feedback to me for review

Since everything is happening at the PR level, all of the feedback will be maintained in Livecycle, and it will also appear as review comments in Github.

So as the code owner, I’ll be able to get all product review feedback at the same time and in the same context, without interruptions and without all those extra PRs and rounds of review.

This is just one of the ways that Livecycle can help the whole team code more, align better and ship products faster, together.



March 10, 2022

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