Get In-flight Collaboration for Your AI/ML Stack on Docker

Get In-flight Collaboration for Your AI/ML Stack on Docker

The 2023 Docker AI/ML Hackathon

Docker recently completed their AI/ML Hackathon. Participants were encouraged to build solutions that are innovative, applicable in real life, use Docker technology, and have an impact on developer productivity. 

Eligible submissions could also include non-code proof-of-concepts, extensions that improve Docker workflows, or integrations to improve existing AI/ML solutions.  

All submissions were AI/ML projects or models built using Docker technology and distributed through DockerHub, AI/ML integrations into Docker products that improve the developer experience, or extensions of Docker products that make working with AI/ML more productive.

Optimizing Hackathon Speed and Productivity

Most hackathons begin and end with a simple directive - participants build something and submit it before the deadline.

But in this year’s AI/ML Hackathon, Docker took things a step further. Participants were treated to a wide range of sessions focusing on helping participants build higher-quality products.

And in this context, we were thrilled that Docker asked us to present our Livecycle Docker Extension as a tool that Hackathon participants can use to achieve a blazing-fast collaborative experience. Instead of getting held back by staging servers and CI builds, the Livecycle extension lets teams share the latest changes with one another instantly, while code is still sitting on your local development environment. And with the built-in collaboration tools, Hackathon Squads can save tons of time building great products with the Livecycle extension.

Check out the complete session (given by our CTO Yshay) on how to use the Livecycle extension for Hackathon collaboration:

And check out the Livecycle Extension here.



November 09, 2023