Navigating Docker With Captains Ep. 04 with Bret Fisher

Navigating Docker With Captains Ep. 04 with Bret Fisher


This is the fourth episode of “Navigating Docker With Captains” - an exclusive series of conversations hosted by the team at Livecycle featuring the Docker Captains.

In this episode, Zevi Reinitz (head of marketing at Livecycle) talks to Bret Fisher - Docker Captain, CNCF Ambassador, DevOps consultant and Udemy instructor.

Giving Back to the Docker Community

The “Navigating Docker With Captains” series is part of an ongoing effort to create fun, valuable, dev-focused content. This particular series is in honor of launching our Liveycle Docker Extension.

The Livecycle Docker Extension enables developers to instantly and securely share local development environments and get feedback much earlier in the development workflow, without the hassle of staging environments or CI builds. It’s one of several tools from Livecycle that enables developers and their teams to quickly and easily share work and get actionable feedback at any point in the SDLC and Git workflow.

And with built in collaboration tools, you get you the feedback you need in its full context so you and your team can address issues and move on. Check it out :-)

In this Episode

We learn about Bret’s journey from first discovering Docker to becoming an advocate for its adoption in the “early days” of DevOps (he shares some great stories along the way!). Bret shared some of the ups and downs of his professional journey and what he (and others) can learn from those experiences.

Bret also talked about his upcoming projects and some new Docker features that he’s excited about in 2024.

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Zevi Reinitz

Zevi Reinitz

January 30, 2024