Navigating Docker With Captains Ep. 01 with Francesco Ciulla

Navigating Docker With Captains Ep. 01 with Francesco Ciulla


This is the first episode of “Navigating Docker With Captains” - an exclusive series of conversations with Docker Captains.

In this episode, I Pradumna Saraf sit down with Francesco Ciulla - Docker Captain and Dev Advocate at Daily.dev.

Giving Back to the Docker Community

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In this Episode

In this episode, we chat with Francesco Ciulla who is a Docker Captain and Dev Advocate at Daily.dev.

We dive into how and when Francesco started with Docker and became a part of its community. We touched upon his journey to becoming a Docker Captain. Francesco shared the often overlooked features and benefits of Docker and talked about the major setbacks he faced in his developer career and the takeaways from those experiences.

He also spoke about the essential elements of establishing engineering culture. On top of that, Francesco shared some new projects he is working on. There were many more topics we went through.

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Pradumna Saraf

Pradumna Saraf

October 24, 2023