Announcing the Livecycle Discord Community

Announcing the Livecycle Discord Community

We’re excited to announce our Livecycle Discord community enabling Livecycle users, potential users and the broader developer community to chat about Livecycle, ask questions, troubleshoot, request features, and discuss ways we can further improve developer experience for everyone.

Livecycle Discord Community Mission

We have two goals with the Livecycle Discord community:

  1. Provide support to users and prospective Livecycle users - We want everyone who is using Livecycle or interested in using Livecycle a way to contact our team (or other users!) with questions, issues and suggestions. Our product is built to solve real pain-points for real people and so having a way to engage with folks like you is important to us. Our Discord community is a great way to facilitate this ongoing dialogue.
  2. Build a community around “Developer Experience” - We believe in the power of developer experience and the importance of addressing the evolving needs of developers and dev teams. Our Discord community is a place where all DevX enthusiasts can gather to discuss relevant tools, processes, ideas and experiences with one another, for the benefit of everyone involved in product development.

To learn more about our Discord community features, see our documentation.

You can join the Discord community by clicking here.



December 26, 2021

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