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About Livecycle

Our story

The best technology is built together.

But working with multiple stakeholders can also introduce bottlenecks, information silos, miscommunications and messy feedback loops.

For many dev teams, this means context-switches, delays, poor feedback and WAY too many meetings.

We experienced these challenges too, having been part of multiple development teams over the years.

We searched for solutions that would provide our teams with the product visibility and informational parity they needed. We looked for ways to remove common workflow friction points while still enabling each stakeholder to work within their own preferred context.

There just has to be a better way, we thought.

Well, turns out there wasn't.

So we got together and built one ourselves.

Our solution

Livecycle is an async collaboration platform for coders and other stakeholders that is built with the development workflow in mind, enabling maximum visibility AND maximum team velocity.

Now, every one of your commits becomes a shareable, collaborative preview environment that is instantly accessible to everyone on the team. Product feedback is given contextually, on top of the product UI, and everything is synced to the code owner in the Git repository.

You could say we’re reimagining how development teams work together, but the truth is, we’re just enabling them to do what they’ve been trying to do all along.

So stop settling and "get your ship together" with Livecycle.

Code more, align better and ship products faster, together.

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The Livecycle team

Matan Mishan

Co-founder & CEO

Assaf Krintza

Co-founder & VP R&D

Yshay Yaacobi

Co-founder & CTO

Zevi Reinitz

Head of Marketing

Elya Bar-On

Founding Engineer

Naor Zruk

Founding Engineer

Yaara Hendel

Head of Product

Roy Razon

Founding Engineer

Ronen Tavor

Head of Design

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